KICEM offers six types of membership for any individual or organization interested or involved in construction-related matters. Membership types are based on an applicant's years of experience, educational background and engineering involvement.

Professional Membership

Professional membership is for the careered professionals in practice, research and education who have contributed to KICEM. Associate membership holders shall qualify as professional members with the approval of the board of directors.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to any qualified person who is interested in, or engaged in construction industry practice. Qualified persons are those individuals who received construction-related degrees from a college or university.

Student Membership

Student membership is open to students currently enrolled in a degree-granting construction program either at a college or university. Student members can change their membership status if they qualify for associate membership.

Honorary Membership

Individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the profession may qualify as nominees for honorary membership, which will be conferred according to the decision of the board of directors.

Special Membership

Individuals or organizations may qualify for special membership if they provide a distinctive profession to KICEM

Corporate Member

Companies that are engaged in construction-related services may qualify for this type of membership.