KICEM Activities

KICEM Activities

Research and Development

KICEM has performed many construction engineering and management related research projects and consulting works since its outset. University professors, researchers and experts from the industry have been involved in those projects. Examples of major research projects are as follow:

  • Priority Analysis for Improvement of Construction Information System
  • On-line Construction Project Control System through Process and Data Modeling
  • Information Management Process Analysis for Construction Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (CALS)
  • Intelligent Construction Work Information Gathering and Management System
  • Intelligent Management System for Construction Daily Work Plans and Reports
  • Work Process Modeling in Pre-construction Phase
  • Development of Knowledge Management System for Earth Work in Building Construction
  • Improvement of Time Management System in Office Building Construction
  • Modeling for Construction Progress Measurement
  • Application of Innovative Construction Schedule Management System to Construction Site
  • General Contractor's Strategic Planning for Application of Construction Management Technology
  • Measurement and Improvement of Efficiency in Construction Site Office
  • Decision Process Model for Construction Finish Work
  • SCM Based Automated Life-Cycle Management System for Curtain Wall Construction of High-rise Buildings
  • Performance Measurement of Construction Management Delivery System
  • Application of Construction Management System in Large BOT Capital Projects
  • Effective Construction Equipment Application for Productivity Improvement
  • Facility Management System for Public Arts Center

KICEM Annual Conference

KICEM has an annual conference, which is the only one exclusively focused on Construction Engineering and Management area in Korea. Every year almost 700 people attend the conference, where more than 200 research papers are presented. Categories of interests in the conference are: Construction Industry & CM, Innovative Construction Management Cases, Smart Construction, R&D and Convergence, Advancement of Construction or Special Sections

Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (KJCEM)

KICEM publishes the Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (KJCEM) bimonthly, which is the recognized academic journal by the Korean Research Foundation.KICEM is a journal devoted to the advancement and dissemination of new research findings, knowledge, and methodologies relative to construction engineering and management. Copyright of the journal is reserved by KICEM

Education and Training Program

KICEMprovides education and training programs for individuals in the practice or for specific organizations, such as professional institutes and construction or engineering companies. Topics may vary according to the needs and requests of the industry, but primarily focus on construction management tools and technique. KICEM has a great pool of instructors, including university professors and industrial experts, involved in KICEM.